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Invisco Color Powder is the #1 supplier of the highest quality colored powder available.

100% Safe

Not all color powder is safe but the premium colored powder we sell is completely safe, non-toxic and skin friendly. It is also designed not to stain.

Advanced Formulation

It is made using an advanced formulation process that results in a premium blend of colored cornstarch with rich, vibrant colors.

Made In USA

Both our bulk colored powder and our individual color packets are produced and packaged to the highest standards set by the USA.


Colored powder for any event.

Color Parties

Bring your party to life with some colored cornstarch powder.

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Color Runs

Buy color run powder to host your own color run and bring color to your run.

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Color Events

Buy colored paint powder for any event. Birthdays, bar mitzvah, weddings, and photo shoots are just a few of the ways people use our colored powder.

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Colored Powder Questions

What makes Invisco Color Powder so good?
Our colored powder is a high quality, premium powder that results in vibrant rich colors that look great, are safe, and clean up easily.

What is color powder?
Colored paint powder is a great way to add some life to any event. It is available in 5 bright and vibrant colors. It is the perfect accessory if you are planning a fun party (birthday, farewell, prom, color run, photo shoot etc.) and want to enjoy your festivities in style.

What colors are available?
We have bulk color powder and indivual color packets for sale in the following colors: Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue and Pink.

Can I have my logo printed on the packets?
Yes, there is a $100 one-time setup fee to have a black logo or custom text printed on the packets.

Does it stain?
No, our paint powder has been designed not to stain so it washes off easily and cleans up superbly.

How long does it take to get my colored powder?
Orders can be shipped within 5 days of placing your order. For large quanities, we recommend ordering at least 3 weeks in advance.

How much paint powder do you recommend?
Most events use 1 lb per person.

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